Could not open the file: struct.xml

Jun 16, 2010 at 3:10 PM


I am trying to do a migration from SharePoint 2010 RC to 2010 RTM. So, I did a full backup and the backup was saved in \\server\backups

After the backup was done, it created subfolder called \\server\backups\spbr0006

Now, I am ready to run the migration, under the "Settings", in Source directory, I select " \\server\backups\spbr0006" and select spbackup.xml, because I don't see struct.xml

When click on the "Start Import" button, I got the following error. Where is the struct.xml? I even did a search on my machine, I can't find it. Is there anything missing or am I doing this incorrectly? Please advice. Thanks in advance.

Could not open the file: \\server\backups\spbr0006\struct.xml
Critical error! Could not find file '\\server\backups\spbr0006\struct.xml'.. Halting import, check log file for details.