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Sharepoint Importer not compilable (R62905 and below)


The Solution Sharepoint Importer (MOSS 2007) was not compilable. I guess also older version might be affected. Following workaround helped me on my machine.
1.) The SharePoint.ImportExport.Core in Release directory is incompatibel to the solution. The compiler cannot find types like Site etc pp.
2.) The SharePoint.ImportExport.Core projects from the SDK directory needs to be included in the Importer Solution.
3.) Delete import.snk of SharePoint.ImportExport.Core if included in the SDK directory and create a new one by using in project properties of visual studio the tab Singning "Choose a strong name key file /<New...>"
4.) Change references in all projects of the solution: Exchange the reference on SharePoint.ImportExport.Core located in the release directory by the version in the debug directory.
After all these changes the solution is compileable and can start (at minimum the window stars up ;-)