Please share latest code of Sharepoint Importer v1.01

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Jul 28, 2009 at 4:59 PM

Dear Kimmo,
We are using Sharepoint Exporter v1.01 and Sharepoint Importer v1.01 to migrate one of WSS2.0 site to WSS3.0. The documents are imported correctly. However I am getting an issue with Created and Modified dates. The created and Modified date is incorrect i.e. it's coming as date on which tool was run for certain document libraries. It's showing correct Created and Modified date for certain document libraries. I downloaded the latest source code from codeplex but the import form of the latest code is not same as the import form in Sharepoint Importer v1.01.
Request you to please share the source code of Sharepoint Importer v1.01.
I'll highly appreciate your help.